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RCI Bank and Services becomes Mobilize Financial Services


Mobilize Financial Services will be the brand used worldwide to meet the needs of car mobility adapted to the evolution of customers’ lifestyle.

In the context of major changes in the automotive industry, strengthening the links between Mobilize and Mobilize Financial Services supports Renault Group’s strategy to develop a new business model based on the “vehicle-as-a-service” principle.

Mobilize Financial Services will offer increasingly innovative services and digital experiences that will enable customers to reduce the cost of using their vehicles with additional access to environmentally friendly forms of mobility.

Mobilize Financial Services will be the benchmark brand for Renault, Dacia, Alpine and Mobilize customers looking for a full range of services. Nissan customers will benefit from the same quality of offerings offered under the Nissan Financial Services brand.

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The introduction of the Mobilize Financial Services brand will take place gradually in the countries where the Renault Group is present, starting with the main markets, before the end of 2022.

“Today, RCI Bank and Services enters a new stage of development of its activities, becoming Mobilize Financial Services, the reference brand for all car mobility needs. We will rely on our 100 years of experience and the satisfaction of our customers – the highest in the entire industry – to support the growth of Mobilize in both the private and fleet segments. Thus, Mobilize Financial Services will continue to focus on operational leasing, insurance and payments, facilitating access to greener and more sustainable mobility for all customers. ” said João Leandro, General Manager of Mobilize Financial Services.

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The change of brand name is accompanied by the announcement of three objectives in order to offer customers offers tailored to their new expectations, as well as the expansion of the market for electric and connected vehicles:

  1. Development of the operational leasing offer and of the car subscriptions

  2. Development of the segment of used vehicles by optimizing their financing throughout the life cycle

  3. Providing innovative services in the field of car insurance and payments

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