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Qatar Energy Minister: No country could quickly replace Russian gas supplies to Europe

“I think Russia supplies 30-40% of deliveries to Europe. There is no single country that can replace this level of gas, there is no capacity to do so with liquefied natural gas, “Saad al-Kaabi told reporters at an energy conference. Agerpres.

“Most LNG volumes are related to long-term contracts and destinations are accurate. So it is almost impossible to replace the amount of Russian gas delivered to Europe so quickly, “he said.

According to the quoted source, the geopolitical tensions intensified after Russian President Vladimir Putin recognized the independence of the pro-Russian separatist regions of Lugansk and Donetsk in eastern Ukraine and ordered Russian troops to “maintain peace” in these territories, defying the West and fueling fears the outbreak of war.

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The United States and its European allies are preparing a package of sanctions against Russia, but they could affect the flow of Russian gas to Europe.

Qatar, one of the world’s leading producers of liquefied natural gas, has recently been approached by US authorities to change the route of gas supplies to Europe if Russia attacks Ukraine and Washington imposes sanctions on Moscow.

Most of Qatar’s exports of liquefied natural gas are to customers in Asia, based on long-term contracts, but cargo is also sent to Europe.

Kaabi explained that the level of contracts that Qatar can redirect to Europe is only 10-15%.

European liquefied natural gas terminals have limited available capacity to absorb additional supplies from the United States or other countries in the event of an interruption in Russian gas supplies.

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In recent months, the European Commission has been in talks with major liquefied natural gas exporters, such as the United States, Qatar and Egypt, to increase their deliveries to the EU bloc.

Negotiations have also taken place with key liquefied natural gas importers, such as Japan and South Korea, to make their own orders available to the EU. The transport of liquefied gas from Qatar could be redirected to Europe instead of Japan, for example.

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