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Putin bans exports of products and raw materials to unfriendly countries


The document does not provide details on the persons or entities that may be affected by the sanctions in question, writes news.ro.

According to the decree, Russia will ban the export of products and raw materials to the persons and entities it has sanctioned.

The decree also bans transactions with individuals and foreign companies affected by Russia’s retaliatory sanctions and allows Russian contractual partners to fail to fulfill their obligations to them.

According to the decree, the Russian government has 10 days to draw up lists of foreign individuals and companies to be sanctioned, as well as to define “additional criteria” for a series of transactions that could be subject to restrictions.

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Vladimir Putin has signed several decrees in the last month, the most important financially being in early March, when Russia introduced a special procedure for transactions for foreigners associated with states that commit unfriendly actions against the Russian Federation and of its citizens. The new measures relate to the operations of granting such loans and loans in rubles to such foreign persons, as well as to transactions involving the “occurrence of the ownership of securities and real estate”.

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