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Prof. Mencinicopschi, about modified foods: Put chalk in cream and bone glue in honey


The reality of the food we eat

Despite your efforts to adopt a healthy lifestyle, they may be in vain because of producers who “alter” food. Preparations that you consider to be healthy can change in a real danger due to the additives.

Professor Mencinicopschi instructs us to avoid the following foods: white rice with meat, french fries, cakes and burgers.

The teacher reveals in his book “The New Food Order. What else do we eat? ”, How certain foods can be changed.

Milk is modified by the addition of water, by the extraction of fats and by the combination of different types of milk. Some suppliers tend to hide defects or prevent spoilage with preservatives or neutralizers.

According to Prof. Mencinicopschi, cream, flour, gelatin, whipped milk, egg whites, chalk or even plaster are added to the cream.

“Butter is best imitated by margarines based on hydrogenated fats, harmful to health, obtained from vegetable oils or deodorized fish fat. Butter can also be counterfeited with lard or beef tallow, “said the director of the Food Research Institute.

Cheeses are processed by substituting milk protein with animal protein, such as egg white powder, blood plasma, pea vegetable protein, cereal or soy. In honey you can find sweeteners, either natural or artificial. Honey is thickened with starch, gelatin or even bone glue.

Modified foods also include meat. The meat can be mechanically deboned, meaning that all that remains on the bones after manual deboning is regained by mechanical means. According to Professor Mencinicopschi, this type of meat has a low biological and microbiological value. Moreover, the meat of one animal is mixed with that of another animal.

When buying proc meat, you should keep in mind that it may contain pieces of horse or donkey. Sausages, salami, sausages and minced meat are modified by adding rinds, additives, soy, tendons, etc.

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