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Poland will double the minimum wage in 2023. What level will it reach?


According to the quoted source, from January 1, 2023, the minimum wage will increase to 3,383 zlotys per month and from July 1 to 3,450 zlotys. Currently, the minimum wage is 3,010 zlotys, informs Agerpres.

The Bureau of Statistics recently announced that in May the inflation rate in Poland rose to 13.9%.

The Warsaw government has introduced a number of measures to help households affected by high inflation, including a reduction in zero VAT on staple foods, and the possibility of delaying the payment of installments by those with mortgages.

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According to Eurostat, 13 EU member states in the east and south had minimum wages below 1,000 euros per month earlier this year: Bulgaria (332 euros), Latvia (500 euros), Romania (515 euros), Hungary (542 euros), Croatia (624 euros), Slovakia (646 euros), Czech Republic (652 euros), Estonia (654 euros), Poland (655 euros), Lithuania (730 euros), Greece (774 euros), Malta (792 euros) and Portugal (823) euro).

The European Parliament and EU Member States reached a political agreement on Tuesday on the Adequate Minimum Wages Directive, proposed by the Commission in October 2020.

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