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Over 5,000 Dacia Spring electric cars sold in Romania. The model makes history in Western Europe


A customer from Bucharest became the owner of the 5,000th Dacia Spring vehicle sold on the Romanian market on Tuesday, April 12th.

The car, Lightning Silver, was purchased through the national fleet renewal program, Rabla Plus.

The average price of a Dacia Spring model purchased through Rabla Plus is approximately 10,000 euros after the discounts applied.

Since its commercial launch, Dacia Spring has established itself as a detached leader in the Romanian electric vehicle market, reaching almost a quarter of the sales in this segment.

85% of the model’s customers ordered both optionally available power systems: the 10A cable and the fast charging system at the DC terminal.

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At European level, more than 40,000 Dacia Spring vehicles are already in circulation. Most of them were registered in France (over 18,000 units), Italy (6,700 units) and Germany (5,100 units).

Dacia Spring offers a record interior space for the mini segment, an efficient and reliable electric motor and a range of up to 305 kilometers (according to the WLTP City standard – 230 kilometers according to the WLTP Combined standard).

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