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Ordinary Germans fully bear the gas price hike. How much their bills will increase in October

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The annual gas bill of individuals is to increase by several hundred euros in Germany, to allow importers to cover the price increase caused by the War in Ukraine, but the German Government is to “absorb” the shock of the poorest households, reports AFP.

Starting from October 1, businesses will be able to charge 2.4 more euro cents per kilowatt-hour of gas, the organization of network managers, Trading Hub Europe (THE), announced on Monday.

Including VAT, 2.4 eurocents per KWh represents 600 euros more on the annual bill of a family with two children and an average consumption of 20,000 KWh.

Without taxes, it is about 480 euros.

This additional collection was implemented by the Government until April 1, 2024, with the aim of supporting natural gas importers and distributors, who buy more expensively on the world market since the Russian War in Ukraine began and Russian supplies have decreased.

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This amount is to be recalculated every three months.

“The goal is to ensure a gas supply following the German and European energy crisis triggered by the Russian attack in Ukraine,” the German Ministry of Economy announced in a press release.

In order to cushion this shock, what is paid in addition “must and will be accompanied by a new aid package”, announced Minister Robert Habeck, through an increase in housing aid.

The German government “will find a way” to exempt this additional VAT levy, he assures.

Germany has already implemented 30 billion euros worth of aid to ease the situation of individuals, through rebates at the pump or through a very popular nine-euro travel ticket that ensures travel by public transport or regional trains.

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However, this measure is to be stopped at the end of August.

Berlin is going to inject billions of euros into Uniper – the first natural gas importer and depositor in Germany, which has been severely affected by the decrease, since mid-June, in the supply of Russian natural gas.

Instead, the RWE group announced that it is renouncing the right to cover price increases through price increases for customers

“RWE is a financially sound company. That’s why, until further notice, we give up covering our losses from customers”, which we “absorb”, CEO Markus Krebber announced on Thursday at the presentation of the financial results.

In the first semester, RWE obtained a profit of 1.6 billion euros.

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