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Norway resumes licensing procedures for onshore wind farms after a three-year hiatus


The approval process for the new wind farms had been suspended in 2019, amid a negative reaction to their construction on virgin land.

“Today we are sending a letter to the NVE (regulator) asking them to reopen the licensing process for onshore wind farms,” ​​Norwegian Petroleum and Energy Minister Terje Aasland told reporters.

However, a precondition for granting a license will be for the host municipality to be in favor of potential projects, he added.

The energy lobby group Energi Norge welcomed the decision, stressing that wind energy is essential for the energy transition and keeping energy prices under control.

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“Without access to new production capacity, we will become more dependent on imports and consistently high prices,” Energi Norge chief Knut Kroepelien said in a statement.

Norway’s traditional surplus of electricity, mainly derived from hydropower, is expected to decline in the coming years, amid rising demand from the transport and industrial sectors.

Norway, which is the second largest exporter of oil and gas in Europe after Russia, aims to increase its production of renewable electricity from wind and solar energy while maintaining significant oil production.

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