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Naftogaz: There is a major risk of disrupting Russian gas exports to Europe


With some EU countries heavily dependent on Moscow for energy, the 27 EU member states have set a goal to cut their Russian gas imports by two-thirds by the end of the year to penalize Russia. after the invasion of Ukraine.

The EU, Russia’s main source of revenue for Moscow’s major oil revenues, decided in early April to stop buying coal in August, but has not yet ruled on a gas and oil embargo.

“We estimate that a third of the gas exported by Russia to the European Union through Ukraine will be lost if Russian occupation forces continue to disrupt the operation of the stations in the newly occupied territories,” Vitrenko said on Twitter.

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Since the beginning of the offensive on February 24, Russian troops have taken control of parts of Ukrainian territory in the south of the country. They continue their offensive in the east, where they have made the Donbas – part of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions – a priority war target.

Kiev is calling for a halt to Russian oil imports, but some European countries, including Germany, are warning against the violent recession that such an embargo would cause.

Visiting Kyiv on Thursday, European Council President Charles Michel assured that sanctions would soon target Russian oil and gas exports, as demanded by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

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On Thursday, Italy – one of Europe’s largest gas consumers – announced it would soon stop buying Russian gas for “ethical reasons”.

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