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Moldova refuses to cooperate with Power Machines because of sanctions


The government of the Republic of Moldova refuses the services of Power Machines, which has won a tender for the modernization of Termoelectrica, a state-owned enterprise that supplies electricity and heat to Chisinau. The decision was made because of sanctions imposed on the Russian manufacturer by the United States, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development Andrei Spinu said in an interview with Pro TV on Monday.

“It has been decided to suspend this auction. Tomorrow we will inform the World Bank about this decision, which allocates money for modernization,” Spinu said.

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He explained that Power Machines proved to be the only company capable of restoring turbines built in 1970, with a budget of 13 million euros. There is no alternative yet, Spinu said. The Deputy Prime Minister pointed out that next winter the thermal power plant in the capital could be damaged, as it had exhausted its resources.

Power Machines was included in the US sanctions list in January 2018 due to the supply of gas turbines manufactured by the German company Siemens, for the thermal power plants in Crimea.

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