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Moldova pays Gazprom for gas in April at double price in March


In October 2021, Moldovagaz and Gazprom extended the natural gas supply agreement for five years. In accordance with the provisions of the new contract, Gazprom requires that payment for the delivered natural gas be made in advance by the 20th of each month. Also according to the terms of the contract, the price is set every month and depends on the spot prices for natural gas and oil.

According to information published earlier this month, the Republic of Moldova will pay in April a price of 1,193 dollars for one thousand cubic meters of natural gas delivered by Russia. In March, Moldova paid $ 547.26 per thousand cubic meters of natural gas delivered by Russia.

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On Wednesday, Moldovagaz Chairman of the Board Vadim Ceban announced on social media that Moldovagaz had transferred $ 69.5 million to Gazprom for gas delivered in March-April.

“The company has no debt for current gas supplies,” Ceban added.

The October contract between Moldovagaz and Gazprom was signed amid continuing talks on Moldova’s historic debt for previous natural gas supplies, a debt estimated by Russia at $ 709 million. Moldovan officials said last autumn that the Chisinau government and Gazprom had agreed to conduct a 2022 historical debt audit and negotiate a debt repayment schedule. However, the audit procedure was frozen after Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24.

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A number of Moldovan officials recently said that Chisinau authorities had asked Gazprom to postpone the audit deadline by 10-12 months, but had not received a response from the Russian group so far.

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