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Moldova is interested in stable prices for Russian gas


Moldova is interested in revising its contract with Gazprom and more stable gas prices. This was stated by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development Andrei Spinu, in an interview for Jurnal TV.

“We want to understand if it is possible to revise the terms of payment through negotiations, as they are the ones who are causing us problems in this contract. [cu Gazprom]. <...> In a situation where there would be a stable tariff and the price of gas would not change from week to week, we would have had less problems with payment “, said Spinu.

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According to him, the government’s vision on the issue of gas supply is to fight for stability and diversification of supplies. At the same time, he said that Russian gas is very competitive and that Moldova will not refuse it.

In 2021, the contract between Moldovagaz and Gazprom changed the formula for determining the purchase price, which began to take into account the current situation on the spot market. Chisinau believed that this would allow the republic to save more, but the market situation has changed dramatically.

In October last year, Moldovagaz and Gazprom extended the gas supply contract for a period of five years, an important condition being the full payment of current deliveries. At the same time, due to the sharp rise in gas prices and the desire of the authorities to maintain tariffs for the population, Moldovagaz postponed payments several times and received a warning from Gazprom. In this situation, it was necessary to intervene with the government and introduce a state of emergency in the Republic of Moldova.

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