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MIMI EVO is the first MINI Electric to compete in the world


About 20 races are planned in 4 championships. MIMI will remain a unique platform for the presentation of works of art, will continue the passion for motorsport with new history stories, such as competition number 128 and the association with Niki Lauda, ​​and will explore new territories by associating with TEDx Băneasa or the championship of sim racing Racing League Romania.

As in any sports project, partners are a key element in supporting the MIMI story. MIMI EVO marks a new stage in the traditional partnership between BMW Group Romania (BMW Financial Services and MINI Financial Services) and UniCredit Leasing, as the top financier on the Romanian market, a collaboration that aligns with the common objectives of sustainability and involvement in promoting motorsport.

Recently, UniCredit Leasing launched on the local market GoGreen, a new financing alternative that aims, through structure and price, to encourage the purchase of cars with low impact on the environment, thus supporting the growth of the eco car segment in the national car park. Also, this year the company celebrates the sixth year of the UniCredit Leasing Motorsport team, a partnership through which the company reaffirms its support for shared values ​​such as performance, courage and determination to be the best.

Furthermore, Renovatio eCharge, the largest network of charging stations in Romania, will provide MIMI energy at competitions, while Michelin will “shoe” the car with a wide range of tires – from street sports solutions to the Michelin range Motorsport.

Engage Engineering, a workshop that prepares highly competitive race cars in Romania, has undertaken MIMI training. The team comes with a particularly rich experience, formed in the BlueStreamline team of the Formula Student of Transilvania University Braşov and then by preparing some exceptional competition cars, such as the champion car in the Coastal Championship 2020.

Andrei Barbu, after being in command of MIMI at the first official competition in history, becomes the main driver and will be present for the entire 2022 season in the National Coastal Speed ​​Championship. Ciprian Lupu is a dear member of the MIMI family and will continue his participation in the Super Rally, in a project with the common partner Michelin. Races are also planned in the National Super Slalom and Women’s Rally Championship.

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In the National Coastal Speed ​​Championship, MIMI will compete with the number 128. This is the number with which the legendary Niki Lauda made his motorsport debut in April 1968 with Mini Cooper S. In that year, Lauda participated in the coastal championship. of Austria, managed the second place in the class at the beginning and the fastest time on the second ascent. He won the next three races with Mini, the last one being in the rain. By the middle of the season, Lauda was already moving to a higher-powered car and was finishing her first year in competitions with eight wins, a second place and a dropout.

A new graphic design, created by the artist Alexandru Mariş, complements the technical improvements, a new group of partners and a new competition number. Blue is the dominant color of the new design, along with the distinctive yellow elements special for mirrors and now roll cage. At the back and side, where the battery is positioned, there are stylized lightning elements. These are transferred by a cable to the front, on the hood, where the engine is positioned, in the form of electric shocks.

MIMI EVO debut in 2022

MIMI EVO graduated the first competition, the Rasnov Trophy, in the National Coastal Speed ​​Championship.

The stage took place in the rain, with a wet route to the timed rounds, and very low temperatures, close to zero degrees Celsius. Difficult weather conditions have imposed a conservative piloting pace. This was also reflected in a lower energy consumption for each climb of 3.2 kWh (about 20% lower than the previous year).

Under these conditions, MIMI EVO showed some of its new potential, improving by 5.628 seconds the cumulative time on the two rounds of competition. An uninspired choice of tires in the first round of the competition, a slick solution of tough consistency that generated a loss of about 5 seconds, was Andrei’s chance to demonstrate his piloting talent, achieving an excellent recovery after a violent skid.

After the challenging debut in Râşnov, the Engage Engineering team continued to develop the MIMI EVO with new mass optimizations and adjustments to the braking system.

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At the Cheile Grădiştei Cup, the team wanted to demonstrate the performance improvements of the new model. Andrei Barbu, the official pilot of the project for the National Coastal Speed ​​Championship, finally had at his disposal only 3 training climbs and a single timed run. During all this time, Andrei tried several strategies to approach the route with high inclination that demands a lot of MIMI’s electrical system.

With a time of 2: 15.025 in the race, Andrei improved last year’s best performance by more than 5 seconds (2: 20.322). The suspension of the last competition due to the conditions on the route (oil and rain), but also the shorter one-day format in the Coastal Speed ​​2 competitions, limited the accommodation period with the new MIMI EVO which showed additional potential for optimization. times.

In the end, Andrei’s strategic approach and mass optimizations were felt not only by a better speed, but also by a lower consumption by almost 15% compared to the previous year. MIMI EVO consumed, on average, an increase of 3.3 km on the 3.3 km route, compared to about 5 kWh last year.

The month of May continues with a full competitive program. Next weekend, on May 13-14, Ciprian Lupu returns to the MIMI orders for the first court in the Super Rally season, in Mangalia, with the commitment that MIMI will participate this year in the whole Super Rally season.

This month, MIMI will be present at two events outside the world of motor sports. MIMI EVO marks the participation of BMW Group Romania in Creative Sustainability Week Bucharest with the relaunch of the presentation of the works of art on the roof, in collaboration with Galateca Gallery, with a special presentation on May 17-19. Later, on May 20, MIMI EVO will be at the center of the BMW Group presentation at Poli Auto Fest.

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