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May 1 in Romania: 3 types of atypical tourist destinations, rediscovered in recent years by Romanian tourists


And this has been best seen in the last two years, when, amid the pandemic and traffic restrictions, tourists have chosen to travel the country, to rediscover the truly spectacular places we have at every step.

Of course, the explorations will not stop here, especially since there are still many destinations and attractions that are worth knowing. Precisely for this reason, on the eve of the weekend of May 1, the online hotel platform Travelminit.ro offers some atypical places in Romania, picturesque villages or even hidden nature reserves, which Romanian tourists have rediscovered in recent years.

“We are seeing a growing increase in interest in domestic destinations, Romania has become a country increasingly sought after by tourists, which makes us very happy. Precisely for this reason, Travelminit.ro is constantly trying to expand its accommodation offer, to prepare complex packages, at affordable prices, so as to cover as many of the needs of our customers as possible. Summer is just around the corner, so we are preparing to make our debut in the summer season, ”says Rita Szilveszter – Travelminit online marketing expert.

1. Wonders of nature unique in Romania: Dragon Garden and Red Rape

The diversity of landforms and the beauty of the landscapes in Romania are constantly talked about, especially since it is one of the countries blessed with an impressive nature. The Danube Delta, unique in Europe, the Carpathian reservations, lakes and rivers are already visited annually by tens of thousands of tourists, but on your next vacation in the country, what would it be like to go to a few lesser known places?

Try, for example, an adventure in the Dragon Garden, a nature reserve located about 70 kilometers from the city of Cluj-Napoca, also called “Meteora of Romania” thanks to the atypical geological formations here. The place also has an absolutely fascinating legend: it is said that once upon a time there lived some dangerous dragons, who used to kidnap the faces of people from neighboring villages. One day, one of the dragons stole the sun from the sky, but a strong man decided to follow him and face him. After defeating him, the brave young man found the sun and threw it into the sky, and its brightness blinded the other dragons. At the same time, the abducted girls were released and cast a spell that turned the dragons into stone sheepfolds forever, with the rocks now making up the Dragon Garden. The average prices for one night accommodation (double room) in Cluj County start from 100 lei.

Another spectacular place, but less popular, is Râpa Roşie in Alba County, a geological reservation of national interest, which stands out through the countless columns and pyramids of different colors, a truly unique landscape in Romania. It is only 6 kilometers away from the city of Sebeş, being a good stop only if you reach the area.

2. Agrotourism with authentic experiences and picturesque landscapes

Beyond the surprising nature, our country can boast of many destinations where time seems to have stood still, places where you can enjoy peace, rural traditions preserved exactly as they once were, locals who barely waiting for them to share their stories with you.

There are many villages that have already gained a reputation among tourists, but if you want to go to some really unique places, we have some interesting proposals for you. Take, for example, the village of Charlottenburg (or Charlotten), which is almost an hour from Timisoara. It is atypical by its circular arrangement, all the houses being placed in a circle. Its shape has been strategically designed to prevent wild animals from entering the village and causing damage. Charlottenburg was founded by immigrants from the Banat area of ​​Italy and Germany and is now a historic monument.

Another place that deserves to be discovered both for its cultural diversity and for its positioning in an amazing natural setting is Eibenthal, located a stone’s throw from the Danube, in the commune of Dubova in Mehedinţi. There is also a community of Czechs who have brought their traditions to the area, so you will not only enjoy a fairytale vacation in the Danube Gorge, one of the most beautiful areas in the country, but also a unique cultural experience.

And if you want to enjoy a rustic stay from beginning to end, Travelminit.ro recommends a tour of the five villages in Buneşti commune, Braşov county: Buneşti (which is also the commune’s residence), Criţ, Meşendorf, Roadeş and Viscri. Medieval fortifications that are part of the national heritage, traditions and customs preserved for hundreds of years, but also the famous house owned by Prince Charles in Viscri await you. For one night accommodation in Viscri, the most popular destination in the area, the prices for one night accommodation (double room) start from 120 lei, but for other villages in Brasov county, the night rates go down to 80-90 lei .

3. Harghita and Covasna, an eclectic mix between nature, history and wellness

The Szeklerland area is another destination that has seen a boom in recent years and must be discovered before crowding with tourists from the country, but also from other parts of the world.

And the good thing is that here you can find absolutely everything you want, from tasty food and relaxing treatments to adventures full of adrenaline. Harghita, for example, one of the greenest counties in Romania, is known for the activities you can do in nature: unique routes (Cheile Vârghişului, Via Ferrata), off-road tours and walks in some absolutely spectacular areas (Tinovul Mohoş , Red Lake, St. Anne’s Lake).

Covasna, on the other hand, is nicknamed the Land of Mansions thanks to the numerous castles and mansions (Kalnoky, Benke) extremely well preserved here. We could even say that you have to come here if you want a royal vacation, a real time travel, back in a fascinating era.

Szeklerland offers many wellness options, thanks to the thermal springs in the area, waters with healing properties, which make it possible to carry out a wide range of treatments. Some of the favorite resorts of tourists are: Homorod Baths, Tusnad Baths, Borsec, Corund, Topliţa and more. The average prices for one night accommodation in Harghita and Covasna start from about 90-100 lei per night.

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