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Magnolia, queen of Bucharest. Where you can see the most beautiful magnolias and what you need to know about this ornamental tree


If you take Bucharest on foot, on a sunny spring day, you have the chance to pamper your senses with dozens of magnolias that seem shyly waiting to be admired and to fill your soul with color and beauty. In the Capital, spring seems to be announced not by the classic snowdrop, but by the fabulous magnolia, which arrived in our country over 140 years ago and still lives in small paradises, people’s courtyards, or among the gray blocks, to which breathe a little life.

After so much isolation and staying in the house, April comes and urges us to enjoy nature in all its splendor, and one of the ways we can do this is a tour of the magnolias in Bucharest. A special initiative was taken by Diana Robu, who, together with her friends, from a game, laid the foundations of the Map of Magnolias in the Capital, which can be found on Google Maps.

700 oases

“It simply came to our notice then. In the spring of lockdown, I felt the need to somehow rediscover spring, to enjoy the streets of Bucharest. I started this journey as a game, as a leap between me and my friends, to discover magnolias in the city. Initially there were about 20 on the map. We made the map to make it easier to navigate. We already knew where there are some famous magnolias in Bucharest and we made the map easier to navigate. I discovered that there are many magnolias and I added them. Then, people started writing to me about other places where the magnolias are or about the fact that they planted them in their yard and asked us to add them on the map, to visit them “, confessed Diana Robu for” Weekend Adevărul “

She explained to us that last year the map had about 500 pines at the end of the season, and now it has around 700. “There are many more magnolias in Bucharest than that. We did not intend to include all magnolias on the map, it is more of a landmark for beauty, color, walks. It is more of a tool to help us orient ourselves more easily when we go for a walk “, added Diana.

Beauty and well-being, temporary

The plant, which is said to have existed since the ice age, has stood the test of time in parts of China, as well as in North and Central America. It entered Romanian culture at the end of the 20th century, and since then it has remained present, a witness to history, bringing color and hope to the people, even in one of the darkest periods of Romanian history, communism.

Over time, people have given it various meanings – from feminine nobility and delicacy to beauty and dignity. Diana also told us why she chose the magnolias for such a project: “because we learn a lot from them – the fact that we have to be happy now, that beauty and goodness are temporary. They last very little, three weeks – a month, if we are lucky and the weather is not bad, with wind. They are the first to color the city and somehow announce the revival of nature and the coming of spring. “

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Colored spots in gray areas

In Bucharest there are purple, yellow and white magnolias, some in different areas of the city, others in the same colorful and vivid space. It is said that magnolias with white flowers make you think of innocence, purity, as well as sincere intentions, purification of soul and body, while purple ones lead to good and sincere thoughts. Due to these meanings, these flowers have an important role in Chinese culture, in which they symbolize beauty and femininity and it is believed that planting them in front of the house brings emotional, family and financial benefits, being a symbol of abundance and honor. Thus, in Bucharest they became especially prominent in the neighborhoods of houses, where people tried to build an oasis of beauty and well-being, in which to recharge their energy.

“Many are planted in the yard in the early 1990s. People then began to travel abroad. At first, magnolias were brought from Austria. Because of this we see many magnolias that are 20-30 years old in the old neighborhoods of houses – in Cotroceni, in Vatra Luminoasa. We live in a gray, polluted city, and in recent years, people have somehow felt the need to beautify their patch of green, to add something, and there are so many little magnolias. The very pleasant surprise is that I saw magnolias in the blocks of flats. People really want to beautify their garden, to be happy when they look out the window and to see something other than concrete “, Diana told us.

It seems that this spring’s magnolia season has come as a pleasant surprise as more and more people have chosen to plant new flowers, so that small magnolias can be seen in the yards of blocks of flats or houses.

Magnolia neighborhood

One of the houses in Bucharest, Dristor, is considered by Diana the most beautiful place in the Capital in April, where three streets are dominated by color and smell due to the magnolias – Levantica, Cerceluş and Diligenţei, which are crowded with magnolias. “In almost every yard there is a magnolia, of all colors, white, pink, purple, yellow. On these streets is a show, a festival of color. ” For this reason, Diana Robu recommends to those who want to embark on the tour of the magnolias in Bucharest to start with this area, which comes with a plus for animal lovers – cats. “It is the highest density of magnolias, and the area is quiet. The place is full of very friendly cats, including the very friendly cat Bala “. It seems that the magnolias and the cat Bala have become stars of the neighborhood, where people are queuing to pose as they climb and sneak through the color and scents.

Other neighborhoods that Diana recommends for a quiet walk are Dămăroaia – which is full of magnolias and full of color – but also Cotroceniul, which “is full of magnolias, of all colors. There are also many white Stellata magnolias, which shake very quickly and are very fragile, at the first strongest breath they went “.

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Veteran for over 100 years

The most photographed magnolia in Bucharest, popular with photography enthusiasts, but not only, is the one on Mahatma Gandhi Street, where people line up on weekends to admire it. “It’s a pink magnolia. This weekend there is a pilgrimage to this magnolia “, Diana Robu also explained to us.

And those who arrive in this area have the chance to see another special magnolia, of the Yulan species, which is located on Barbu Delavrancea Street. “It is beautiful because it is very rich, but also unique because magnolias of this species are very rare in Bucharest.”

The capital is also proud of a veteran magnolia, like a city guard, located on Dragoş Vodă Street. “It would be the oldest in Bucharest and would be a little over 100 years old. She was reportedly brought to our country by an Austrian pharmacist. She is huge, very beautiful. ” And those who want to visit her can ask the kindergarten in whose yard she is to let them enjoy it because “in general, they are very kind and receive people in the yard who want to see her and photograph her. ” It is worth mentioning another magnolia, younger, located in the area of ​​the Arc de Triomphe, on the side with the “King Mihai I” Park.

Mini-orchard surrounding the park

Another place worth visiting is the Memorial House “Tudor Arghezi”, where you can admire a spectacular yellow magnolia, which reigns supreme among the smaller ones. “Last year I imagined that yellow magnolias are very rare, but this is not the case. There are dozens of yellow hearts on the map. And the biggest and most spectacular is on Căpitan Vijelie Street, in the Panduri area “, Diana also mentioned.

However, among the lesser-known places where magnolias are found are rare treasures, such as the mini-orchard in Morarilor Park, where the landscape takes your breath away and helps you disconnect, enjoy nature and recharge your batteries. positive. “Here are a few dozen magnolias, not very big, quite young, but they are very beautiful. It’s great to see a mini orchard of magnolias in the middle of a park. The landscape is special because the park is surrounded by blocks of flats on all sides – so you have gray, green from the park, and the magnolias are enthroned in the middle “, the initiator of the map of the magnolias in the Capital described to us.

In a tumultuous social context, people seem to be more interested in nature and color, in beauty. “I think we need a common element from time to time to bring us together, other than the negative things that happen. Let us bring beauty together. This spring, given the difficult context and the difficult situation our neighbors in Ukraine are going through, I think we need a little beauty, a touch of hope in all this gray period “, is Diana’s urge.

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