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Jeff Bezos accuses Joe Biden of misinformation: No connection between inflation and corporate taxes


“Do you want to reduce inflation? Let’s make sure the richest corporations pay their taxes, “Biden wrote on his Twitter account on Friday night.

Bezos responded on Friday, also on Twitter, claiming that there is no link between inflation and corporate taxes, writes CNN

The US inflation rate has risen sharply and affected US consumers, although it slowed for the first time since August last month.

Bezos also wrote on Twitter that Biden’s message should be revised to help control misinformation, especially on social media platforms.

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This is not the first time there have been differences between the two. In May 2020, Biden said that Amazon should “start paying its taxes” in an interview with CNBC.

Earlier, in fiscal years 2017 and 2018, Amazon’s financial records showed that it did not owe money from income tax, and rather expected to receive a tax refund from the federal government.

Amazon said it paid $ 1.7 billion in federal income tax for fiscal year 2020 and paid $ 1.8 billion in other federal taxes. He also said he paid $ 2.6 billion in state and local taxes.

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