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International cruises on the Danube dedicated to Romanian tourists. Prices start at 550 euros / person


The first cruise will start on May 5, on the route Orsova – Veliko Gradište – Belgrade. A total of 20 cruises are scheduled, lasting between 5 and 8 days (respectively 4, 6 and 7 nights), between May and October.

The cruises operated by the ship MS Diana depart from the port of Orsova and have as destinations the ports Veliko Gradiste – Belgrade – Novi Sad (Serbia) and Vukovar (Croatia), and the tariffs are between 550 and 990 euros per person. Rates include all meals, local guided tours, Romanian speakers, and exclusive on-board services.

Starting with 2021, MS Diana launched a unique concept, an exceptional trip, a premiere for Romanian tourism, which came with an offer featuring the Danube Delta on all three tributaries in the Black Sea and Danube River. Last year, over 2000 Romanian and foreign tourists enjoyed a dream vacation aboard the MS Diana, from where they could admire the beauties of the Danube Delta, but also the cultural and historical attractions of Ukraine (Izmail, White Fortress, Valcov and Odessa). .

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“After the success of the Danube Delta cruises, this year, we offer you the beauties of the Danube’s entry into the country, from Orsova, with Serbia and Croatia. In a difficult period, in a severely affected area, we decided to take a step forward in the tourism industry and offer a new chance to Romanians and tourists from all over the world to discover the Danube in all its splendor, at any time of the year. in any season. We expect tourists to take part in everything that means responsible tourism, to discover special cultures, places with a deep historical load, local gastronomy, flora, fauna and landscapes that leave you speechless.

If for over 20 years, European cruise companies have been coming to Romania constantly, following the course of the Danube to the Danube Delta, now we ensure a premiere for Romania, being the first international cruise to the west, operated from our country, especially for Romanian tourists. We take care of everything that is organized on the ground as well as on the ship. Passengers can admire the spectacular area of ​​the Boilers, but also the tourist attractions of Serbia and Croatia, such as Belgrade, Novi Sad or Vukovar “, underlines Marius Crivţonencu, owner of the ship MS Diana.

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MS Diana is equipped with 40 single, double and apartment rooms that can accommodate up to 80 passengers. Each room or apartment has a name specific to a locality in the Danube Delta. The cabins are equipped with air conditioning, toilet and shower, satellite TV and power outlets (220v). The restaurant is located on the lower deck, while the Lounge Bar is located on the upper deck, with a bar area with armchairs, seating sofas and large windows that allow you to admire the scenery during the cruise.

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