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In Germany, it is proposed to hold tenders for the right to use gas in industry, in its absence


Klaus Müller, head of the German Federal Network Agency (German market regulator), suggested that in the event of a gas shortage, a tender should be held for the right to use blue fuel in industry. He stated this in an interview published on Sunday in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

“In the coal removal process, we use the auction model to get the most efficient shutdown of power plants by creating economic momentum,” Muller said. “I can imagine such impulses for the industrial sector as well. The market knows better than the state where it is most efficient to save energy,” he added.

In recent days, in light of Gazprom’s disrupted deliveries to Bulgaria and Poland, a discussion has erupted in Germany over who should be supplied with blue fuel primarily in the event of a halt in imports from Russia. Earlier, German Vice Chancellor Robert Habek, Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Protection, announced the introduction of an emergency plan in the event of a power outage in the Russian Federation. The program has three stages, now we are talking about the first of them. It involves constantly updating data on the use of blue fuel in the country and defining the industries and companies that will receive gas first.

On April 26, Gazprom sent a notice to Bulgarian and Polish importing companies that they would stop gas supplies on April 27 because of their refusal to make final settlements in Russian rubles. On March 23, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered to transfer payments for gas exports to unfriendly countries in rubles. He said Russia would refuse to accept payments under such contracts in “compromised” currencies, including dollars and euros.

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Until now, German authorities have repeatedly warned that they will not pay in rubles.

Changes to company law as well

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law facilitating the process of tax registration of foreign organizations when opening a bank account. In particular, this measure is needed to pay for gas deliveries in rubles. The document on the changes to the tax code was published on Sunday on the official legal information portal.

The changes relate to the conditions for registration of a foreign holding company in the Russian Federation. In particular, the process of recognizing a sanctioned holding company is facilitated and a new basis for the tax registration of foreign organizations is introduced – in connection with the opening of an account with a Russian bank. In the current edition of the Russian Fiscal Code, such an obligation was provided only for foreign banks. After the entry into force of the law, it will apply to all foreign organizations. At the same time, the Ministry of Finance will establish the list of documents required for submission to the fiscal body.

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As Olga Anufriyeva, deputy chairman of the State Duma’s budget and budget committee, explained, the measure is linked to the need to pay for gas supplies in rubles. Bank account.”

The law also regulates the observance of fiscal secrecy during the transfer of information from the fiscal authorities in the interdepartmental interaction system. Thus, it is considered that the disclosure by a tax authority to another person of information about a taxpayer (payer of insurance premiums) constituting a tax secret should not be considered a disclosure of tax secrets, if the taxpayer has given the agreement. At the choice of the taxpayer, this consent may be provided for all or part of the information received by the tax authority. This document is sent to the tax authority in electronic format. The format and procedure for sending such consent, as well as the procedure for the transmission by the tax authority to another person of information which constitutes a tax secret, will be approved by the Russian Federal Tax Service.

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