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I want from Romania: What Romanian products, according to my mother’s recipes at home, can you find in Kaufland


And we couldn’t talk about Romanian gastronomy without mentioning the sauerkraut with cream and polenta, the soups, the smoked sausages, the stew in the cauldron or the pies and cakes. For many Romanians, these recipes are a real occasion of national pride and they consider them truly authentic.

Out of passion for the taste of the products made in our country, Kaufland invites us to discover together the Romanian cuisine. Ancient recipes, preserved with sanctity and passed down from generation to generation, so that today children and townspeople can taste a piece of the history, culture and art of simple, traditional cooking, based on the fruits of our land.

The “I want from Romania” range includes products made entirely locally, by producers and suppliers in our country. They are prepared according to authentic recipes and contain the best quality ingredients, regularly monitored, which guarantee the quality of Kaufland’s own brands.

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The “I want from Romania” range includes approximately 150 Romanian products: from basic foods, such as flour, corn, barley, to dairy products and cheeses, over 90 types of fresh meat and sausages, canned vegetables, sweets, bakery and soft drinks (water, fruit juices and syrups).

Authentic and very good quality products, the spicy rustic muscle, the ham, the muscle and the raw-dried neck are just some of the Romanian delicacies that deserve to be placed in the center of the table. And if you can’t imagine breakfast without jam, fresh milk or biscuits, you’ll be happy to discover all the options available.

Our own brand “I want from Romania” is a manifesto of our tradition and culture. It is Romania that we know from life, from grandparents’ stories, from longing places, from the courage of heroes, from your eyes. Reconnect with your country and enjoy everything it has to offer!

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The new design of the packaging is inspired by the authentic Romanian tradition and taste, from home, the emotion of childhood and the reconnection with the origins. The painter Monica Ghiţescu included all these in one element – The flower of life, essence of energy, vitality and immortality. The background painted in watercolors evokes the uniqueness and authenticity of the traditions, memories and values ​​that bind each of us to Romania.

Find out more about Romanian products, available at Kaufland: kaufland.ro/Vreau-din-românia.

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