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Hungarian Minister: Hungary builds 317 km of new highways by 2032 km and will extend the lanes to a length of 265 km


The Minister responsible for the concession announced that a consortium led by the private equity fund Themis has won the concession right for the construction and maintenance of highways for the next 35 years. The procedure complies in all respects with EU standards, with a single tender for the construction of new sections and for maintenance, says MTI.

The new constructions are to be completed over a length of 317 km by 2032, and the extension of the lanes will total 265 km in the first ten years. The Minister mentioned the sections of the M1 motorway from Bicske, Komárom, Tatabánya, the M7 sections from Székesfehérvár and Balatonvilágos, the M3 segments from Gödöllő, Bak, Gyöngyös, Hatvan and Kerekharaszt, the M3 extension to the eastern border of the M3 border. According to the contract, the operation and maintenance will be carried out on a length of 1,044 km for the entire 35-year period of the concession, and all works on the sections are considered investments of national interest, he said.

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Regarding the financial model of the project, the minister specified that the state pays the expenses, the full cost of construction and maintenance will be paid for a period of 35 years. The concessionaire must contract at its own expense the credit necessary for the realization of the project.

The Minister said that the revenues available to the state will cover the cost of the concession, the Hungarian state will not transfer the rights related to the collection of the toll.

Existing highways, as well as newly built ones, will remain state-owned for the entire period, Antal Rogán said.

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