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How to choose a lawn mower depending on the size of your garden


If you need a new lawn mower, but aren’t sure what features would make it suitable for what you need, a few relevant tips might help you make the right decision.


When choosing a lawn mower, you need to find the right model for what you need for your lawn. You will find that lawn mowers have motors ranging from 140cm to 190cm.

Lawn mowers are of two types:

  • Rotary mower

Rotary push mowers are the most popular on the market right now, with a variety of models. They work quite simply by quickly rotating a blade that cuts the grass, turning horizontally from left to right. It uses a suction action to cut the grass with a single blade that rotates extremely fast. The design of the rotary mower is simple and adapts to small gas or electric motors. Rotary mowers are powerful, heavy, and well-adapted to a wide variety of grass conditions, including lawns and weeds. They are generally a better choice for large lawns as well as larger grass.

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  • Lawn mower with cylinder
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The lawn mower is available in several versions and can be manual or motorized. It has five to twelve blades exposed in the front of the machine that hangs the grass and cuts it with a fixed lower blade, like a pair of scissors. The more blades on the equipment, the better the cut. This type of hand is quiet and relatively inexpensive. The mower works best on a smaller lawn. The disadvantage of this type of cutting system is that, although the cutting is superior to a rotary mower, the blades of a roller mower need regular and precise adjustment to maintain the quality of the cut.

Power supply – fuel versus electricity

When deciding between electric and gas lawn mowers, consider the size of your lawn. If you don’t have a very large lawn, a battery-powered electric lawn mower can be perfect. Cordless mowers are quieter and less maintenance-intensive. And most importantly, you’ll never have to start a gasoline engine – just push a button or lever and mow. Many of these lawn mowers can cut an average suburban yard with a single load. Prices for battery-powered lawn mowers are similar to those for petrol machines.

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The biggest advantage of electric corded lawn mowers is that you don’t have to stop to fill up the gas tank or change the battery. They continue to operate as long as they are plugged in. The main challenges are the length of the extension cord, the location of the outlets, and the number of obstacles in your yard. It is also important to choose an extension cord that meets the specifications of your lawn mower.

Maintenance costs

Beyond the initial purchase price, consider the cost of maintaining the mower. For gas lawn mowers, this includes the current cost of fuel, engine oil, and various parts, such as spark plugs.

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