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How to choose a good hair dye


But with each change comes a series of questions. “Which hair dye to choose?” “What makes a hair dye good for me?” These questions and more will be answered in the following lines.

What are the types of hair dye?

The answer to the question: “What is the best hair dye for me?” it depends on the structure of the hair. Each has its own hair with its own characteristics. Some women like the classic type of hair dye, while others are better understood with more modern formulas.

The following are the main types of hair dye:

  • Temporary hair dye;

  • Semi-permanent hair dye;

  • Semi-permanent hair dye;

  • Permanent hair dye.

In the following lines we will explore together the attributes of each type of hair dye. With this information, you will be able to choose a hair dye that suits your needs.

1. Temporary hair dye

Consider this type of product as a trial period. Temporary hair dye is the ideal choice when you just want to try new colors. Thanks to her, you can test for a few days how a new shade looks for you and how it makes you feel in everyday life.

Temporary hair dye only works on the surface of the hair. Imagine that it is a colored chalk, which, unlike a pen or pen, draws the board temporarily, without being incorporated in the written surface. Thus, at the first shampooing, the temporary hair dye quickly peels off the hair and flows with the water.

When you use temporary dye, you can test even the craziest hair colors. It could be your little colorful weekend project, which ends with the Sunday bath.

2. Semi-permanent hair dye

If the temporary dye is a product with a superficial effect, the semi-permanent hair dye gives the start of the results of medium duration. However, for the time being, we are probing a field in which ammonia is not yet making its presence felt. The semi-permanent paint will keep your new color for a maximum of 8 shampoos.

This option is ideal when you do not have time to get to the salon, but you want to refresh your color. It is also convenient when you want to give up your permanent paint and will help you keep under control the discrepancy between the last coloring and your natural shade. It’s easy to use even at home, with the help of a friend or even on your own.

You can use semi-permanent dye as your first coloring attempt if you want to bring an intense shine to your hair. But this option is not viable for large color changes. Try to choose a semi-permanent paint with a shade 2 or 3 shades darker or lighter than your current shade.

3. Semi-permanent hair dye

If you think that the semi-permanent paint lasts too short, but you don’t get along well with the permanent version either, then the semi-permanent option suits you. This time, too, we’re not talking about an ammonia formula. But the semi-permanent dye manages to penetrate the hair, beyond its bark, to better fix the color.

Unlike the semi-permanent one, this variant contains oxidative artificial pigments, which it borrows from the permanent paint. But some of the pigments are also direct pigments, which is a common feature with semi-permanent paint.

Therefore, this is a variant that is less harmful to the hair than the classic version. It is recommended for darkening the current hair color and is not strong enough to cover all white strands.

4. Permanent hair dye

We also came up with the classic hair coloring option: permanent dye. If you have decided on a hair color and you want to adopt it for the next few years, then this is the right choice for you.

This paint contains ammonia or substitutes for this substance. Their role is to open the hair cuticle to allow the colored pigments to penetrate to the core of the hair. Once the cuticle closes again, your new hair color will be sealed for several weeks or even months, without showing any signs of discoloration.

Thanks to the formula behind the permanent dye, you can change the natural color of your hair a lot. But for radical changes in the opening of the hair color, you will more than likely have to use a hair bleach as a basis for the desired color.

How do you choose the best hair dye for you?

In addition to the types of hair dye, there are other features that will convince you to choose one range at the expense of the others. The current market supply is generous. You will see many compositions enriched with natural oils, meant to ameliorate the harmful effects of dye on the hair. You can study various formulas and choose the one that best protects your hair structure.

In addition to the adjacent oils, it is important to decide on a range of paint that will give you exactly what you want. It often happens that you let yourself be conquered by a range, only to then discover that they do not have the shades you wanted in the offer.

Another useful trick is to be guided by the leaflet in the paint box rather than the image printed on the box. The dyed locks on the packaging reveal only a result of the application of the dye on the natural hair, not on the already dyed hair. Instead, the instruction manual contains the scope where you can find the shades for which the paint is recommended.

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