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How much will it cost to disconnect from energy in Russia. European Commission estimates


“The analysis takes into account all fossil fuel imports from Russia, with natural gas being the most difficult to eliminate,” the commission said in a draft EU Repower plan, which it will present next week.

The document, presented by the French portal Contexte and to which EFE had access, estimates that The EU can save € 80 billion a year on gas imports, € 12 billion on oil imports and € 1.7 billion on coal.

Separation of energy products from Russia will require the “large-scale” development of renewables, increased liquefied natural gas imports, the establishment of joint procurement, the development of the hydrogen industry, and the reduction of hydrocarbon consumption in transportation, industry and buildings.

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The EC will need to increase industrial capacity and investment “in key technologies such as solar and wind, heat pumps and electrolysers”.

The Commission also estimates that an additional € 29 billion will need to be invested in order for the electricity grid to be able to absorb the increase in generation and consumption.

“A truly interconnected EU energy network will ensure energy security for all,” added the draft document of the EU Repower Plan, which aims to accelerate the EU’s transition to a coal-free and fuel-free economy imported from Russia. which the European Union sanctioned after the invasion of Ukraine, which began in February.

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