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Holy Thursday of Passion Week or Black Thursday: Borscht is made and eggs are painted, water is poured on the graves, girls cast spells and do not sleep


“Whoever doesn’t finish spinning doesn’t even spin. Joimariţa punishes the lazy women, beats them on the fingers and burns their unburned hemp. Some are simply stolen, burned and eaten. When Joimăriţa does not show up explicitly, the carolers do it in some places: they control their torso, make fun of their lazy people and even burn the untwisted strings.

We don’t work on this day. Instead, borscht is made. The borscht on Holy Thursday lasts all year. He who sleeps on this day will be lazy and miserable, that is, he will not be good until next year. The girls cast spells again to please the boys.

For the dead, fires are made from hand-torn, uncut vines. In addition to the fire, chairs are placed, bread with wine is placed, incense is placed. On this day the dead are preparing to come to earth, so they must be helped and welcomed. Water is poured on the graves and lighted candles and wood chips are placed. The children walk through the village with the toca and sing: “Chop the stews, / Thursday, Joimărelele.

On Maundy Thursday falls the Nettle Wedding. From the moment they bloom, nettles are no longer good to eat. In some places there is the custom of shouting over the village, similar to that of Lăsata Secului. The young people gather and, in a way reminiscent of an agitation brigade, make public the mistakes of sinners.

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On Holy Thursday, women paint their eggs. The red ones are called cranberries. Those with patterns are called, from one area to another, scrambled eggs, decorated, written, painted (painted with wax), worked, tormented. There are many legends about Easter eggs. The first decorated test egg is called a ring. Black eggs are also painted, but less often. The names of the motifs on the eggs sound familiar: the poplar belt, the shuttle, the tied pot, the Russian cross, the chariot wheel, the twisted sleeve, the Easter flower, the Christmas tree, the lady’s earring, the lentil, the carnation, the walnut leaf, the snowdrop, the wheat, the lost path the fish, the spider, the goose’s paw, the fin, the ram, the goat’s nail, the rabbit’s ears, the rooster’s crest, the frog’s paw, the crab’s paw, the mole’s paw, the shepherd’s ring, the crutch, the star, the shepherd’s whistle, the German’s hat …. Is it the field where the common man cares so much about ornaments?

Worked eggs are not given as alms – God does not receive them. Some are full, so they can be eaten, others are empty, lined up and put on the icon. Egg writing is paid for. More skilled women do it for other homes as well. It is paid on the spot. One clam counts 30 eggs. Only the red egg goes to the field; it is kept over the year to protect you from charms. And hell, he’s also interested in red eggs. He asks about two things: if people still carol and if they still make red eggs. When they stop doing this, the Devil becomes master of the world.

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There is also a row of hammers. It is believed that people who clash with Easter eggs meet on the other side of the world. He collides head to head and back to back. On the first day of Easter, it only collides head-on. The youngest (in importance, in importance) holds the egg and the eldest collides with it: Christ is risen !, Truly he is risen !. It also clashes with the prey – whoever breaks the egg is allowed to take it, and if the partner refuses to give it, the other world will eat it spoiled and oiled. According to some, the eggs clash to the Ascension. Others think you can do it on Pentecost Sunday. Has anyone noticed that breaking eggs is a violent gesture? ”

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