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Helsinki from Casa de Papel loves Romanian wine


In an edition dedicated to the Easter holidays, Deschidem Vinul Românesc and Carrefour bring a special guest in the 4th episode of the Wines Of Romania podcast, hosted by Marinela Ardelean, an international wine expert with over a decade of experience. Spectators are invited to enjoy a drink with a glass of wine between Darko Perić, the actor well known for his role as Helsinki in “Casa de Papel” and Marinela Ardelean, ambassador of the program Deschidem Vinul Românesc.

Born in Serbia, with a college degree in Romania, established as an actor in Spain, Darko grew up in the vineyards of Kladovo, across the Danube in the vineyards of Mehedinti, where he first discovered homemade wine, made from the same varieties as in the southwest of the country. our. Later, Darko discovered the brandy from Maramureş, and now he enjoys the wine of the Swabians from Satu Mare, the place where his wife was born.

The Spanish actor born in the middle of the Serbian vineyards speaks fondly about his relationship with Romania, about Romanian wine and about the hardworking and welcoming people of the place, who for more than 2000 years put passion and dedication in every drop of wine they produce. the best varieties grown in our soils.

“The best wine has in it the essence of the man who makes it”

The origin of wine and the dedication of the people who make it is one of the most important ingredients for a successful, distinguished and memorable wine. This is the opinion of Darko, a true passionate about the world of wine, who believes that the best wine has in it the essence of the man who makes it, who feels and who lacks mass-produced wines, on a large scale, who rather rely on marketing than on tradition and authenticity.

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Darko first discovered Romanian wine 27 years ago, while living in Bucharest, and tasted with his friends the well-known local white wines for which he had a real passion: Jidvei, Fetească and Cotnari. But the best wine seems to him to be the unlabeled, homemade wine, which he drinks at the table with his loved ones in Satu Mare, where he even bought a vineyard and his wife’s family prepares the wine according to traditional local methods. He recommends to his friends the Swabian wine, sweet and rosy, digestive, which resembles Porto wine and which he considers to have a special taste compared to other wines produced in Europe.

“Romanian gastronomy, music and wine are extraordinary and must be promoted”

The strongest memories of the actor who brought him to life in Helsinki are related to the people he met in Romania, the delicious traditional dishes, the music and the local wine, which he thinks deserves its place on the international wine map. He was happy to find well-known labels of Romanian wines on the shelves of stores in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​but he believes that they should be made known further.

Darko believes that Romanian gastronomy, music and wine are extraordinary and could be promoted through events or festivals that bring them closer to a wider audience. With its tradition of over 2000 years, with a good promotion and the right label, the Romanian wine could compete with the much better known American wine, which started to be produced in California only 300 years ago.

The actor never misses an opportunity to promote the image, culture and values ​​of Romania, about which he speaks with love and pride across borders. It is certain that, from the point of view of quality, Romanian wines could impress any wine lover from all over the world.

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Wines recommended by Marinela Ardelean, inspired by Darko Perić’s preferences

If the discussion with Darko aroused your curiosity, Marinela Ardelean has prepared a selection of wines inspired by the actor’s stories, which you can also try:

  • Wines from the Danube, as in Kladovo or Mehedinti: Catleya Domain, From Deal Rosé, White, or Red, as well as Corcova Roy & Dâmboviceanu, Jirov White, Red or Rosé.

  • They come from the Satu Mare region, like the Swabians: Teodor Winery – Cadarcă, Riesling de Rhin or Pinot Noir.

  • The classic Romanian white wines: Jidvei Winery – Mysterium Sauvignon Blanc and Mysterium Pinot Noir Rosé, Maria Fetească Albă or Villa Vinèa – Emerald Fetească Regală.

All the wines on the list are available through the Deschidem Vinul Românesc program, in Carrefour stores and on carrefour.ro, in the WineSquare section: https://campanii.one.carrefour.ro/wine-square/deschidem-vinul-romanesc.

You can find out more about Helsinki’s relationship with Romania and its favorite wines by watching the episode here:

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