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Half of Gazprom’s 54 foreign customers have opened ruble accounts


According to the Russian Deputy Prime Minister, “54 companies” have contracts with Gazprom Export, writes news.ro

“According to my figures, about half have already opened special accounts in our bank – in foreign currency and in rubles – which allow the transfer in foreign currency, the conversion into rubles and the payment of natural gas supplied in rubles,” he said.

“In the coming days, we will have the final list of those who paid in rubles and those who refused to pay,” he added.

Following the “freezing” of foreign exchange reserves, which Russia had abroad for $ 300 billion, the Kremlin promulgated a decree imposing, starting in April, the payment of natural gas in two phases – first a payment in a Gazprombank account in euros or dollars, and then the conversion into rubles, into a second account, opened at the same bank.

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Brussels has repeatedly warned that this ruble conversion mechanism is a breach of EU sanctions on Russia over the invasion of Ukraine, but several states, which want to maintain their supply in Russia, have asked the European Commission for clarification. ).

Italian energy giant ENI announced on Tuesday that it has decided to open an account in euros and one in rubles at Gazprombank.

In exchange, Gasum, the company responsible for importing natural gas into Finland, also announced on Tuesday that it was refusing to pay Gazprom Export in rubles and that it was expecting an interruption in Russian natural gas supplies.

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Other countries – such as Poland or Bulgaria – which refused to pay in rubles in order not to support the Russian economy during the invasion of Ukraine, Gazprom cut off their gas supply.

The EU is Russia’s main customer and has sought to stop being dependent on Russian hydrocarbons since the launch of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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