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Greek restaurants are feeling the impact of inflation. As prices for pork, oil and energy have risen


According to the quoted source, the classic grilled meat snack wrapped in stick, with salad and garlic yogurt, now costs 3.30 euros ($ 3.55), on average, in the Athens area, 30% more than last summer.

Given that the prices of the main ingredients of souvlaki – meat, vegetables and sunflower oil – are rising sharply, along with energy prices, due to the impact of the war and the Covid-19 pandemic on supply chains, this This highlights some of the main pressures facing the world economy.

“The war in Ukraine has affected us a lot. Greek customers have dropped substantially, “said 79-year-old Thanasis Golas, owner of one of the oldest kebab shops in the Monastiraki district, in the shadow of the Acropolis, News.ro reports.

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Seen for a long time as a cheap product, accessible to almost anyone, souvlaki has become more and more the kind of item for those on a budget who think twice before buying it.

“In the past I used to buy two or three souvlaki, today I only bought one, because it is very expensive and the salaries are low now,” says Morina Ntotsi, a 58-year-old maid who earns 720 euros per month.

The Grill and Restaurant Union in Athens says pork prices have risen by 30% in the past 12 months, sunflower oil, which is generally imported from Ukraine, has risen by 125% and electricity bills have risen by more than 100%.

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“I hope the war will end soon,” said Spyros Bairachtaris, whose family has owned a restaurant near the Acropolis for more than 140 years and who, after doubling its electricity bill, is struggling to keep the price of the souvlaki below 3 euros per serving.

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