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Greece assures that the production of sunflower oil will be able to be increased if necessary. What solutions do the authorities propose?


According to the quoted source, the increase in food prices has brought inflation to a record level.

“So far, Greece has not had any problems with food supplies,” the ministry said in a statement issued at the end of a ministerial meeting chaired by the prime minister.

However, Greece imports sunflower oil from Ukraine. The Athens Ministry of Agriculture also estimates that imports of wheat from Ukraine and Russia amount to about 250,000 tons, or about 30% of Greece’s total wheat imports.

“The Minister of Agriculture stated that there is always the possibility of increasing domestic production, and improving the distribution between biofuel use and household use could also help increase the quantities available for consumption,” the press release said. details.

The Athens government has asked suppliers, supermarkets and other food distributors to declare stocks of their products, including flour, cereals, fertilizers, animal feed, sunflower oil and other vegetable oils. After the start of the war in Ukraine, consumers began to stock up, fearing supply problems.

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Greece’s annual inflation rate rose to 7.2% in February, the highest level in 25 years due to rising energy, housing and transport costs, official figures show.

Greece has asked the European Union to approve grants for wheat and corn crops between 2023 and 2027, as an incentive for Greek farmers.

Last week, Greek supermarket chains announced that they would restrict the amount of flour and sunflower oil that customers could buy, a precautionary measure amid rising demand due to fears that supplies would be affected by the war in Ukraine. Reuters.

According to the quoted source, following similar measures in Spain and Italy, four supermarket chains in Greece – AB, Sklavenitis, Kritikos and My Market – have restricted online purchases, and in some cases from stores, of flour and sunflower oil. .

In this context, the Secretary General for Trade and Consumer Protection, Sotiris Anagnostopoulos, said last Thursday on Ant1 television that demand for some products has increased threefold in recent weeks, with buyers stocking up.

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“The reason for limiting purchases on these products is just a precaution, because our customers are worried about the war in Ukraine. We want to make sure we can serve our customers in the future, “an AB official told Reuters. Officials at the other three supermarket chains also told Reuters that they had imposed restrictions on flour and flower oil. the sun.

In Romania, the Minister of Agriculture, Adrian Chesnoiu, said a few weeks ago that our country has stocks of oil until the new harvest so that there are no imbalances, specifying at the same time that specialists monitor daily the evolution of stocks.

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