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Germany will restart coal-fired power plants if Russia “cuts off” gas


German Economy Minister Robert Habeck is due to present an emergency decree on Tuesday that will allow the government to restart the closed coal and oil thermal power plants, in case there will be problems in the supply of natural gas, according to a consulted legislative project by Bloomberg, reports Agerpres.

According to sources, natural gas, which last year accounted for 15% of Germany’s electricity production, must be directed primarily to industry and home heating, in the event of supply problems, so it will be necessary to unused capacity of other coal-fired power plants.

Plans for 8.5 Gigabit coal-fired power plants and lower-capacity oil-fired power plants, which are currently out of order, will be put on standby, which will allow operators to supply electricity on demand.

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“The need for additional coal generation capacity arises only when there is a shortage of gas supply or if there is a threat of a gas crisis and the consumption of natural gas for electricity production must be reduced,” the emergency decree said.

However, keeping coal-fired power plants in reserve would not derail Germany’s overall goal of ceasing to use coal for electricity production by 2030.

“We need to complete the phase-out of coal in Germany by 2030. This is more important than ever in the current crisis. a longer period of time “, the decree issued by the Government of Berlin states.

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This decree will allow the government to restart coal-fired power plants without the need for parliamentary approval for up to six months. Coal power plants will be part of the national reserve until March 31, 2024.

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