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Germany urges its citizens to travel by train and bicycle to become independent of Russian fuels


In the wake of the Russian invasion, Germany is under pressure to give up gas and oil from Russia, as energy revenues provide Moscow with vital funds to continue the war.

German Economy Minister Robert Habeck said Germany could become less dependent on Russia if its citizens reduced their energy consumption and suggested they use the train or bicycle in exchange for cars whenever possible.

“Every kilometer in which the car is not used contributes to facilitating the escape of the energy supply coming from Russia. We also protect the climate, “Habeck said in an interview with Funke Media Group.

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The German official also mentioned that it is possible to reduce individual energy consumption by 10%, adding that employers could help achieve this goal by giving employees the option to work from home whenever possible.

“Whenever possible, you could work from home again one or two days a week – initially, optionally,” he said.

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