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Germany reacts reluctantly to new Russian gas payment scheme proposed by Russian Federation


The Federal Association of Energy and Water Supply Companies of Germany (BDEW) has reacted reluctantly to Moscow’s proposed new Russian gas payment scheme. BDEW chief Andrea Kerstin told the DPA on Thursday.

“It simply came to our notice then [cancelarul german Olaf] Scholz said that the procedure must first be described very clearly before further decisions can be made, “said Andrea. “In addition, we must remain united in the EU and with the G7 countries on this issue,” she added. At the same time, the head of BDEW stated that the energy industry will act in close coordination with the German federal government.

“Contracts are currently in euros or dollars. And the energy industry assumes this will continue,” Andrea said. At the same time, she noted that Moscow’s new and vague statements about how the gas supply should be paid confirm the correctness of the actions of the German Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Protection to implement an emergency plan in case Russia interrupts the supply. with energy.

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“There are currently no supply problems, but the federal government and industry are actively preparing to ensure that all stakeholders have a clear roadmap of rights and responsibilities in the event of a supply disruption,” the BDEW chief concluded.

On March 31, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree that, from April 1, establishes a new procedure for the payment of Russian gas supplies by buyers from unfriendly countries. According to the decree, such buyers will be required to open special accounts in rubles and foreign currency at Gazprombank to pay for the goods. Buyers from unfriendly countries will transfer foreign currency funds to Gazprombank, which will already buy rubles on the stock exchanges and transfer them to the rubles’ special ruble accounts. They will be paid for deliveries.

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