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Germany adjusts the tax system so as not to affect purchasing power


“We will adapt our tax system to take into account the high level of rising consumer prices,” Christian Lindner said in an interview with Bild am Sonntag on Sunday, “Agerpres writes.” taxes, especially as they lose their purchasing power due to current inflation, “Lindner said.

In March, the inflation rate in Germany reached an all-time high as blockages along supply chains were exacerbated by the explosion in energy prices following the war in Ukraine. The Berlin government has decided to take the first step in an emergency plan to respond to limited energy supplies amid concerns that Russia could halt natural gas supplies.

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To help consumers and businesses cope with higher costs, the Berlin government last month announced a package of support measures worth about 17 billion euros, which includes a temporary reduction in fuel prices, a single payment for households and public transportation subsidies.

In an interview with Bild am Sonntag, Christian Lindner said he was opposed to stopping imports of oil and gas from Russia because it would have “dramatic” economic consequences for Germany. Lindner also said that he and his government colleagues should discuss “all options” to “reduce dependence on fossil fuels in Russia, including extending the life of nuclear power plants and extracting oil and gas from the North Sea.”

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