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German Ministry of Economy studies issue of nationalization of “daughters” of “Gazprom” and “Rosneft”


According to government sources contacted by Handelsblatt, we are talking about Gazprom Germany and Rosneft Deutschland. The reason for the development of such scenarios is the government’s concern about the stability of the oil supply to Germany.

Gazprom Germany is the operator of several large gas storage facilities in Germany, in particular in cooperation with Wingas in Jemgum and Reden. Several projects have also been developed in Serbia, Austria and the Czech Republic.

Rosneft is the third largest player in the German oil refining market. The company is a shareholder in three refineries in this country (PCK Refinery – 54.17%, MiRO Refinery – 24%, Bayernoil Refinery – 28.57%) with a total capacity of 12.8 million tons per year, which represents more than 12% of total refining capacity in Germany. The operational activities are carried out by a subsidiary of Rosneft, Rosneft Deutschland GmbH, registered and operating in Germany from 1 January 2017.

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Handelsblatt writes that without the Rosneft Deutschland service, it is impossible to take off and land at Berlin airport, and the company also provides fuel and vehicles to the German capital’s operational services.

Gazprom Germany did not respond to a request for comment from Handelsblatt, while Rosneft Deutschland told the newspaper that the company was not subject to sanctions.

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