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German Economy Minister says his country will be “poorer” because of the war in Ukraine: “We are ready to pay this price”


According to the quoted source, the official warned that Germany, the largest economy in Europe, will suffer as a result of the war in Ukraine.

“We will be poorer,” Robert Habeck said on Wednesday for the German public television station ZDF, News.ro reports.

“It is impossible for this to end without cost to German society, it is inconceivable. I think we are ready to pay this price, which is quite low compared to the suffering in Ukraine, “he added.

“We are a party of war, a party of economic war. And we pay a high price, a price that is not comparable to the price that Ukrainians pay. They are dying, they are being displaced, they are being bombed, we have a high inflation rate “, the German official also underlined.

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Germany on Wednesday activated the “early warning”, the first step in Germany’s emergency plan to secure gas supplies, a plan designed to reduce the risk of interrupting or stopping supplies of gas to Russia.

According to Germany’s emergency plan to guarantee gas supplies, early warning is the first of three stages of the plan and does not involve state intervention to streamline gas.

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