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German authorities have drafted a bill to speed up the construction of LNG terminals


German authorities plan to pass a law that will speed up the construction of liquefied natural gas (LNG) receiving terminals, which is needed to reduce Germany’s dependence on Russia’s energy supply. This was announced on Saturday by the DPA agency, quoting the text of the document at its disposal.

According to him, the German Ministry of Economy and Climate Protection, in cooperation with the Ministries of Environment and Justice, submitted to the competent body the draft law on the acceleration of the construction of LNG terminals in North Germany. “The purpose of the law is to complete all approval and approval procedures, as well as to grant government orders and concessions as quickly as possible under current legislation, which will allow you to quickly obtain permits and integrate LNG into the German market.” mentions the bill.

In particular, regulators should be able to temporarily suspend certain requirements, such as environmental impact assessments, under certain conditions. The law will apply to floating and terrestrial LNG receiving terminals, which are expected to be approved and put into operation as soon as possible. At the same time, it is indicated that for both options it is necessary to meet the infrastructure requirements, for example, they must be connected to the gas pipeline network and partially adapted to the port facilities.

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The German government is currently working to cut off Russia’s energy supply as soon as possible, but cannot afford it at this time. Otherwise, the economy and industry will face a serious crisis. According to the official forecast of the German Ministry of Economy and Climate Protection, by the summer of 2024, complete independence from the gas in the Russian Federation will be achieved. Coal and oil supplies are expected to be replaced this year.

Situation around LNG terminals in Germany
There are currently no LNG terminals in Germany, but two are under construction: one – in Wilhelmshaven (Federal State of Lower Saxony), the other – in Brunsbüttel (Federal State of Schleswig-Holstein). According to Schleswig-Holstein Prime Minister Daniel Günther, the liquefied natural gas receiving terminal in the northern German city of Brunsbüttel could be up and running by early 2023. It is reported that the authorities intend to complete the construction of the first mobile liquefied gas terminal in the northern German town of Wilhelmshaven by the end of this year. At the same time, it was stated that by the beginning of 2023 it is planned to start importing LNG through capacity from Wilhelmshaven, according to the Prime Minister of Lower Saxony, Stefan Weil,

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In addition, from the beginning of next year, according to Handelsblat, Germany intends to start using floating terminals to receive liquefied gas – this should be a temporary solution for the coming years until the construction of stationary terminals. The mobile terminals are expected to be based in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea – near Brunsbuttel, Wilhelmshaven and Rostock. The problem is that there are only 48 such ships in the world and most of them are leased under long-term contracts. This makes the demand for free rental terminals extremely high – up to 200 thousand euros a day.

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