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Gerhard Schröder will leave Rosneft’s Board of Directors. The EP has asked him to resign from all positions in Russia


According to Rosneft, Gerhard Schröder has informed the company that he cannot extend his position as chairman of Russia’s number one oil board.

The announcement comes a day after both Berlin and Brussels ruled against the former German Social Democrat leader, who was chancellor from 1998 to 2005.

The Bundestag, the lower house of the German parliament, decided on Thursday to deprive him of certain benefits from his position as former chancellor, including the assignment of offices.

Members of the European Parliament (EP) adopted a non-binding resolution in Brussels on Thursday urging them to step down from their positions in Russia.

“European members of the boards of directors of large Russian companies and politicians who continue to receive Russian funds” need to be included in the European Union (EU) sanctions list, the resolution reads.

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In addition to his duties at Rosneft, Gerhard Schröder is chairman of the Board of Directors of Nord Stream AG, the consortium of Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline linking Germany and Russia.

Gerhard Schröder is due to join the Russian gas giant Gazprom’s Supervisory Board in June.

Gerhard Schröder – who was deprived of honorary distinctions and urged to leave the Social Democratic Party (SPD) – announced in April that he had no intention of resigning, unless Moscow cut off gas supplies to Germany.

Another member of Rosneft’s board of directors, Matthias Warnig, is also resigning, the Russian group said in a statement.

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Matthias Warnig, who is also the CEO of the company that operates the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, began his career in the spheres of power of the former communist East Germany.

The German press writes that he was a high-ranking official in Stasi, the East German Ministry of Internal Security, of sinister memory, in the espionage department.

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