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Gazprom claims that Russian natural gas exports fell by more than 27% between January and May 2022


“Exports to countries abroad (not including the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States, CIS) were 61 billion cubic meters, 27.6% (23.2 billion cubic meters) less than in the same period in 2021 “, Gazprom announces in a post on Telegram, informs News.ro.

Gazprom will cut off natural gas supplies to Orsted (Denmark) and Shell Energy, which supplies some of the gas to Germany on Wednesday (June 1st), for failing to pay in rubles for gas delivered in April, the Russian company said on Tuesday.

Gazprom Export has demanded that European customers pay in rubles for Russian gas supplies as a result of sanctions imposed on Moscow for invading Ukraine.

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Gazprom has already stopped delivering gas to Poland, Bulgaria, Finland and the Netherlands in the absence of ruble payments from the four countries.

Gazprom also confirmed that it had completely stopped supplying gas to the Netherlands after the country’s gas trader, GasTerra, refused to make payments in rubles.

“Payments for gas supplied from April 1 must be made in rubles, according to the new requisites, of which the parties were informed in due time,” Gazprom said in a post on Telegram on May 31.

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