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Gazprom announces that it has suspended gas deliveries to Latvia


“Today, Gazprom has suspended gas deliveries to Latvia (…) due to the violation of the conditions for receiving gas,” the Russian company said in a statement on Telegram, without providing more details.

The announcement comes as Gazprom this week drastically cut Russian gas supplies through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, citing the need for repairs to a turbine, at a time when European countries are scrambling to secure reserves for the winter.

Russia already halved its supplies in June, saying the pipeline could not operate normally without a turbine that was under repair in Canada and had not been sent to Russia because of Western sanctions following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. writes Agerpres.

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Germany and Canada have since agreed to send the equipment to Russia, but the turbine has not yet been delivered.

The Westerners accuse Moscow of using the energy weapon as retaliation for the sanctions adopted after the launch of the offensive against Ukraine.

The Kremlin assures for its part that the sanctions are at the origin of the technical problems of the gas infrastructure and that Europe is suffering because of the measures it imposed on Russia.

Russia has been hit by several salvos of Western sanctions after its military intervention in Ukraine, launched on February 24.

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Russian gas exports to Europe, especially to Germany and Italy, are constantly decreasing since the introduction of these sanctions. Gazprom also cut gas supplies to several European customers who refused to pay in rubles.

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