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Gas prices in Europe continue to fall. The market has calmed down significantly due to the favorable weather and the massive deliveries of liquefied natural gas


According to the quoted source, the orders show that the Russian deliveries to Germany through the Nord Stream gas pipeline could decrease again on Tuesday, after the weekend decline. Also, deliveries from Germany to Poland were reduced to zero at the beginning of the day, informs Agerpres. Nord Stream announced on Monday that all capacity is available and current flows depend on customer requests.

On the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, gas futures quoted for delivery in July declined by 4.3% on Tuesday morning, followed by a decrease of 2.9% to 80.20 euros per MWh.

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In recent days, the market has calmed down significantly as consumption has declined due to favorable weather and massive deliveries of liquefied natural gas (LNG). Disputes over Moscow’s demand for ruble payments for Russian gas supplies appear to have ended.

While flows to some rubbish buyers, who refused to pay in rubles, have been halted, Gazprom is now unlikely to impose further cuts, sources told Bloomberg who wished to remain anonymous.

Europe has increased imports of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to cope with declining Russian supplies. On the mainland, gas supplies from import terminals have reached their highest level in five years.

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