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Finland has launched “NATO Olutta” beer to mark its application for NATO membership


Sales have skyrocketed in the past week, with more than 2,000 doses of beer sold per day, according to the factory’s owner, Petteri Vanttinen, according to AFP.

The beer is called Otan olutta – the first word is a pun on the French version of the initials of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and the full name means “drink a beer” in Finnish.

The drink has a “taste of security with a touch of freedom,” said Petteri Vanttinen, owner of the family-run Olaf Brewing.

The owner told AFP that beer sales have exploded since the drink went viral on social media, after the Finnish Parliament debated the decision to join NATO on Monday.

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“Normally, we sell about a hundred doses of beer a day. At present, the number is over two thousand, “he said.

Vanttinen said that people did not panic, and that the beer reflected “quite well the calm mindset of the Finnish people.”

“There is no reason to be alarmed,” he said.

The beer cans bear the famous colors of NATO, white and blue, and illustrate a knight holding a pint of beer in his hand, with the alliance’s logo inscribed on his armor.

Finland and Sweden on Wednesday called for official accession to the North Atlantic Alliance, a decision prompted by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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