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European Commission launches proceedings against Hungary could lead to suspension of European funds


European Budget Commissioner Johannes Hahn has been mandated to send a “written notice” to the Hungarian government in a new procedure that conditions the transfer of European funds to compliance with the rule of law, said Margaritis Schinas, Vice President of the European Commission for Promoting European Living , transmits Agerpres.

The regulation of the new mechanism of conditionality between funds from the EU budget and the observance of the rule of law provides for several stages accompanied by deadlines before the Community executive can refer the matter to the EU Council before its effective application.

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Thus, the Commission must first notify the infringements of the State concerned, which has three months to provide explanations, after which the EU executive makes a new assessment, followed by the comments of the State concerned on the proportionality of the measures.

Finally, the EU Council (made up of the Member States) will have to act by a qualified majority, and this whole procedure could take up to nine months.

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