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EU relies on Africa to replace Russian gas: Nigeria, Senegal and Angola offer untapped potential


According to a draft European document, consulted by Bloomberg News, West African countries in particular, such as Nigeria, Senegal and Angola, offer untapped potential in the field of liquefied natural gas. A communication on external energy engagement is due to be adopted by the European Commission later this month as part of a package of measures implemented by the EU bloc to reduce its energy dependence on Moscow.

The EU plans to increase its liquefied gas imports by 50 million cubic meters and increase pipeline gas supplies from countries other than Russia by 10 billion cubic meters, which will involve partnerships with traditional suppliers on new bases. finding new suppliers is shown in the mentioned document.

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Among the key measures is the full implementation of the agreement with the US for the delivery of an additional 15 billion cubic meters of liquefied gas in 2022, and by 2030 it will reach 50 billion cubic meters per year. Another goal is to sign a trilateral memorandum of understanding with Egypt and Israel to increase liquefied gas supplies to Europe by the summer of this year.

The community bloc also wants to support doubling the capacity of the Southern Gas Corridor, which brings natural gas from Azerbaijan to 20 billion cubic meters a year.

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The EU executive also said in the document that the bloc must ensure “open, flexible, liquid and functional global liquefied gas markets” with both major producers such as the US, Australia and Qatar, as well as large consumers such as China, Japan and South Korea.

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