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Elon Musk’s controversial Twitter message about Tesla was considered “false” by a judge, according to investors


These investors filed a lawsuit against the electric car manufacturer and Elon Musk, accusing them of losing money after the publication of that message, which led to a decrease in shares for several days.

They claim in a document filed on Friday and consulted by AFP on Saturday that the judge appointed with the case should ask Musk not to state publicly that he did indeed “secure the funding” to withdraw the group from the stock exchange at $ 420 per share. as he did again Thursday at a news conference.

Musk has said in the past that he was in talks with Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund at the time and was confident in the outcome of the talks. But no acrod was ever negotiated.

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According to the investor’s document, the judge recently concluded, in a partial decision that was not made public, that “these statements by Musk were false and misleading and that Musk made these false statements recklessly and knowingly. the facts he distorted in his messages. ”

The plaintiffs believe that Musk launched a public campaign “to present a contradictory and false version” of the message in question, which could influence the jury in a trial that is due to take place in May.

The stock exchange regulator, which ruled that Musk had not provided evidence of its funding, filed a complaint at the time.

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The regulator then ordered him to step down as chairman of Tesla’s board of directors, pay a $ 20 million fine, and then demand that his tweets directly related to Tesla’s work be pre-approved by a competent lawyer.

Elon Musk, who is currently trying to redeem Twitter, challenged the latest measure in court in early March.

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