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Elis Pavaje offers you a 30% discount for your new CONCRETE yard


A very important first step is to clean up and free up space so that you can see the location from a different angle and let your imagination fly to the new project. A second step is to choose the right design and materials, and here, Elis Pavaje is your reliable partner. A yard is not complete without an alley and properly installed pavers, which can turn your space into a splendid urban garden. Maybe, at the beginning, you considered that their importance is not very big in the plan of arranging the garden, but can you imagine your yard without the Elis Pavaje pavers?

Elis Pavaje deserves a new vision and an ambitious project, and with the renovation season coming, we have prepared a special offer for you! Between April 4th and May 16th, Elis Pavaje offers a 30% discount for the Anima and Malo pavement models, which, through their design, outline the space you dreamed of.

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Available in a wide range of colors, the rugged premium Anima pavers can be used to outline a modern alley in your backyard, a terrace or liven up the space with edge detail. Depending on the desired design, you can combine several colors and create that vibrant look, according to your personality.

With its broken stone look and rusty shades, the premium Malo pavers give a touch of naturalness that will be appreciated for a classic courtyard and moments of storytelling with family and friends. The combination of four shapes breaks the linearity and better fits the pavement in any natural setting.

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Thus, you can create your own story with the Anima and Malo pavilions, now with a 30% discount! Stop thinking and choose the model that suits you.

If you want to take advantage of the offer, contact a partner Elis Pavaje (list available here) or visit us in the showrooms of the factories from Vinţu de Jos (Alba county), Petreşti, (Alba county), Stoeneşti, (jud. Prahova) or Secuienii Noi (Neamţ County).

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