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EasyJet will cancel more than 200 flights in the next 10 days due to airport delays


The European airline has been hit by a number of problems as the removal of Covid-19 restrictions has led to a return to travel, with many British airports struggling to recruit enough ground staff, while easyJet has also run into problems. IT.

Recently, the company removed six seats from some A319 aircraft to reduce the crew needed by one person.

In a statement on Saturday, the company said it would cancel about 24 flights a day from London Gatwick Airport between May 28 and June 6.

The company was forced to cancel around 200 flights on Thursday due to an IT problem.

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“We are very sorry for the late notification of some of these cancellations and the inconvenience caused to customers who had bookings for these flights, however we believe that this is necessary to provide reliable services during this busy period,” the statement said.

“Customers are informed today and are offered the option to book a flight or receive a refund and may claim compensation in accordance with regulations.”

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