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Demand for summer vacations increased by 35%. Romanians are already making reservations for autumn. Which exotic destinations do they prefer?


“The years of the pandemic have certainly accelerated the requests received in this summer season. Compared to 2021, Eturia registers a 35% increase in requests, for more destinations, in the context where the lifting of restrictions allows travelers to explore more and more places around the globe. Thus, in the top star destinations, this summer, we list: the Dominican Republic, Mauritius, Kenya, Iceland, Madeira and Greece – the island of Crete, to the last two we operate direct charters”, declares Ana Maria Gherasim, Eturia Sales Director

Although the first part of 2022 was full of challenges, the enthusiasm of tourists to travel to exotic destinations grew more and more with the lifting of restrictions, but also with the arrival of the summer season. Moreover, in June, in the context of the launch of an anniversary campaign in which the focus was the promotion of 15 best-selling destinations from 2007 to the present: Maldives, Mauritius, Dominican Republic, Tanzania, United States of America, Mexico, Thailand , Cuba, Peru, Seychelles, Indonesia, Kenya, Singapore, Argentina, Portugal, Eturia recorded a 30% increase in sales targeted at these destinations, compared to the same period last year.

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“Analyzing the profile of our tourist, we noticed that the need for relaxation is what dictates the selection process, followed by the desire for exploration that can be satisfied by purchasing circuit holidays.

If we talk about prices, another decisive factor in choosing holidays, an 11-day stay combining Singapore and Bali is available from 1990 eur/person, with all taxes included, transfers and breakfast. For those who want to discover Peru in a circuit where tourists will visit no less than 11 locations (Lake Titicaca, Machu Picchu, Cusco sa), this package is available from 3090 eur/person for 10 days, rate and includes accommodation with breakfast and 24/7 assistance, transport, transfers, visits, entrances to objectives, local guides, but also tour leader Eturia”, declares Ana Maria Gherasim

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We are in the middle of the summer season, we are already noticing an increase in interest for autumn holidays. Among the destinations that arouse the interest of Romanian tourists are: Japan, India, Malaysia, Maldives, Thailand, Argentina and Brazil. Thus, a Dubai and Maldives package, with 9 nights accommodation, transfers, tours, visits included, the services of an experienced local guide is 2690 euros/person.

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