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Dacia Jogger, praised on the most popular YouTube channel dedicated to cars. “One of the best in the world”


The UK carwow.co.uk car sales site has over 12 million users, and the carwow YouTube channel is the world’s most popular car and car show with almost 7.1 million subscribers.

Car expert Mat Watson made a laudatory presentation on YouTube of the Dacia Jogger model, saying that it is “one of the best cars in the world”. The YouTube post reached almost a million views and over 2,600 comments in just a few weeks.

The Dacia Jogger is currently the cheapest seven-seater car sold in the UK, costing £ 17,745 in top equipment. So far, the only engine available in the UK is the 1-liter petrol engine with 110 horsepower.

“If you are looking for a practical and seven-seater family car, but you do not want to spend money on an expensive SUV, it would be good to go for the Dacia Jogger. It is an extremely good price car. The Dacia Jogger is impressive as an interior. Dacia Jogger is a comfortable, easy to drive and very enjoyable car. Maintenance is cheap, the car is extremely practical and very easy to use. If you need a car for seven people that offers comfort at a low price, then I don’t think there is any better car than the Dacia Jogger! ”Says Mat Watson, car expert for carwow.co.uk.

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And the positive comments of the British about Dacia Jogger abound on the Youtube page of “carwow”.

Here’s what Mitch Reeves writes: “It’s just a great car. I bought one a few weeks ago. I used to spend an average of £ 30,000 on a family car, but at the moment it’s not worth buying a family car at such a high price. Dacia Jogger is half price and offers everything you need. I also did a drive test before I bought it and I really liked it “.

Irénée Preira, another Dacia Joger customer in the UK, says: “I took my car this spring and I love it. I’ve had a Dacia Lodgy before, and the improvements are impressive, from the gearbox to the many options. People turn their heads when they see the car on the street. Who would have thought a few years ago that Dacia would be so successful? I can’t wait for the hybrid version! ”

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