Home News Chanel has announced that it refuses to sell products to Russians abroad

Chanel has announced that it refuses to sell products to Russians abroad


Following the fourth EU package of restrictions announced on March 15, Chanel has suspended the sale, supply, transfer or export, directly or indirectly, of luxury goods to Russia. The Parisian fashion house has suspended (like other luxury brands, from Hermes to Richemont) its activities in Putin’s country on all fronts: from e-commerce to boutiques.

A month later, new news reports of an escalation of anti-Russia measures, according to Mediafax.

According to The Business of Fashion, there are cases of Russian Chanel customers who were denied purchases. The situation was recorded in Dubai, Milan, Istanbul and in the Galeries Lafayette department store in Paris.

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In recent days, the irritated stories of some bloggers in Moscow, as well as that of a Russian film producer living in New York City, in which they said that they had to prove that they own property outside Russia or a document, have appeared on Instagram. which confirms that he works abroad.

According to the Associated Press in South Korea, Chanel has asked all its stores to register incoming customers so that Russians can be identified.

There is a risk that major brands such as Chanel will be charged with discrimination.

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A spokesperson for the fashion house explained that the brand is working to improve its approach to asking customers for information about their citizenship and residence.

“We acknowledge that our decision has disappointed some of our customers,” he said.

“We apologize for any misunderstanding, as receiving all of our customers, no matter where they come from, is a priority for Chanel.”

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