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Cathay Pacific will launch the longest route in the world


Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific Airlines plans to operate non-stop flights on the New York-Hong Kong route, bypassing Russian airspace, which will become the longest air route in the world. This was reported by Bloomberg on Tuesday, citing documents from the airline.

Cathay Pacific aircraft usually flew through the Arctic into Russian airspace. But because of Western sanctions against Russia, a number of Asian airlines are avoiding flying over Russian territory.

On a flight from New York to Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific planes will cover a distance of 16,618 km in approximately 17 hours.

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Now a non-stop flight from Singapore to New York (15,349 km) is considered the longest route, notes Bloomberg.

A representative of Cathay Pacific said that the Airbus A-350-1000 aircraft will be used on the route.

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