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Boeing questions orders for 141 planes over war in Ukraine and sanctions on Russia


Boeing made the disclosure in the monthly order data, which also showed that it delivered 41 aircraft to customers in March.

Monthly deliveries included 34 of its single-deck 737 MAX aircraft, two 767 cargo ships for FedEx Corp and one 777 cargo aircraft for China Airlines.

The 41 planes delivered in March – almost double the number of aircraft delivered in February and up from 29 a year ago – reflect the return of demand for travel and cargo deliveries, caused by the pandemic.

Boeing said this year’s deliveries were 95 aircraft. 787 Dreamliner aircraft deliveries were blocked due to inspections and repairs for production defects.

In March, Boeing booked orders for 53 aircraft, while customers canceled orders for 15 aircraft – including three of its 787 aircraft. Without canceled orders and changed models, Boeing had 38 orders, the statement said.

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For the first three months of the year, Boeing orders rose to 167 from 114, Boeing said.

Taking into account the cases in which customers canceled orders or changed models, the orders stood at 145, compared to 107, Boeing said.

After adjustments for transactions considered unlikely to result in actual delivery, net orders so far have dropped to 76 from 179, Boeing said. In total, Boeing’s stock order fell to 4,231 from 4,375.

Boeing said the accounting adjustment included 141 aircraft eliminated from arrears for financial and contractual reasons. Most of the aircraft lost were due to the war in Ukraine, which led to international sanctions against Russia and ruined Ukraine’s airline industry.

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The orders were mainly for Russian carriers and included 138 of Boeing’s best-selling 737 MAX aircraft and more than a dozen large-body 777 and 787 models.

Airbus said it delivered 142 aircraft in the first quarter, up more than 13% from the previous year. Airbus sold a total of 253 aircraft in the first quarter, or a net total of 83 after cancellations.

Airbus does not publish a figure comparable to Boeing’s accounting adjustment, but industry sources say the European aircraft manufacturer also has an internal filter to filter orders that is unlikely to be delivered and does not place them in its production plan.

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